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Heumann, Hans-Günter & Rainer Mohrs (ed.)

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Heumann, Hans-Günter & Rainer Mohrs (ed.) - Modern piano : 20th century, jazz, blues, pop, crossover, new age, meditation music : 90 inspiring original piano pieces : easy







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140 blz.


Uitgeversinformatie: This book Modern Piano contains 90 easy original pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries. The pieces selected display a great variety of styles including New Music, neoclassicism, modern dances, jazz, blues, pop, rock, musical studies, meditative music, New Age music and more besides: a colourful range of different styles, sometimes blurring the distinction between classical and popular music in crossover pieces that bridge the gap between different musical worlds.The little pieces selected invite us to go on a musical journey of discovery, introducing new experiences using modern sounds and rhythms. All these pieces are suitable for tuition purposes, auditions, examinations and school music competitions or just as stimulating repertoire for pianists interested in music. Bevat de volgende stukken: H. Badings: Oriental Dance - A. Casella: Siciliana - C. Debussy: Le Petit nègre (Cakewalk) - F. Emonts: Blues - F. Emonts: Little Tango - W. Fortner: Song - J. Francaix: The Dreamy Child - H. Genzmer: Andante - A. Gretchaninoff: A Terrible Event - A. Gretchaninoff: Out for a Walk - B. Heller: Musical Resolution - B. Heller: As in a Dream - B. Heller: Cloudy Sky - H.G. Heumann: Modern Sonatina - H.G. Heumann: Modern Sarabande - H.G. Heumann: Modern Waltz - H.G. Heumann: Amadeus Goes Pop - H.G. Heumann: Rainbow Fairy - H.G. Heumann: Like a Feather in the Wind - W. Hiller: Butterfly Waltz - P. Hindemith: We are building a City (No. 1 March, No. 2 Song, No. 3 Piece of Music) - A. Ibrahim: African Song - J. Kember: Simple Blue - J. Kember: Soft Blue - G. Kretschmer: A Holiday Trip - G. Kretschmer: Clowns at the Circus - G. Ligeti: Tempo di Valse - R. Mohrs: Elegia - R.Mohrs: Tarantella - R. Mohrs: Ostinato - R. Mohrs: Prayer for Peace - V. Mohrs: Cats in Love - V. Mohrs: Tomcat Blues - J. Moser: Sad Song - J. Moser: I Hear Your Heartbeat - J. Moser: New Orleans Blues - J. Moser: Livin' for Ice-Cream - J. Moser: The Snow is Falling - G. Nevada: Little Pop Prelude - G. Nevada: Little Song - G. Nevada: Ballad for two - G. Nevada: Ninette's Musette - G. Nevada: Little Atlantic-Rhapsody - C. Orff: Three Pieces from Piano Exercises (No. 11, No. 14, No. 35) - E. Pütz: 5/4 Boogie E. Pütz: Mixolydian Etude - E. Pütz: Blue Waltz - E. Pütz: Valsette - E. Pütz: Sentimental Lady - F. Radermacher: Jumping Jack - H. Regner: In the Cave - T. Richards: Happy Blues - T. Richards: Tritone Blues - E. Satie: Ogive No. 1 - E. Satie: Gymnopédie No. 1 - E. Satie: Gnossienne No. 1 - M. Schoenmehl: Big Band Tune - M. Schoenmehl: The Spanish Guitar Player - M. Schoenmehl: Jazz-Waltz - M. Schoenmehl: Blues - M. Schoenmehl: Melancholic Reflections - M. Schoenmehl: Sound Sheets - H. Schroeder: Love Song - C. Scott: The Elephant - C. Scott: The Monkey - M. Seiber: Jazz-Etudiette - M. Seiber: Gipsy-Tango - M. Seiber: Foxtrott - M. Seiber: Blues in Eb - M. Seiber: Charleston - M. Seiber: Blues in G - M. Tajcevic: Für die Jugend (Piano Piece No. 1 and No. 5) - L. Tjeknavorian: Lively Conversation - L. Tjeknavorian: An Argument - L. Tjeknavorian: Sad Monologue - H. Weiss: Farewell - G.W. Yasinitsky: Latin Blue - F. Zehm: Melody.


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