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Tiersen, Yann

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Tiersen, Yann

Tiersen, Yann

Tiersen, Yann

Tiersen, Yann

Tiersen, Yann - Eusa






Chester Music



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96 blz., met kleurenfoto's


Uitgeversinformatie: 'Eusa is a unique collection of 10 original Piano pieces made in direct collaboration with the composer, inspired by his travels around the islands near his home, Ushant - 'Eusa' in Breton. This beautiful book of new music by the critically-acclaimed composer Yann Tiersen illustrates the journey with full-colour photography by his fiancÚe Emilie Quinquis and personal notes to accompany the music. Eusa is a musical map of Tiersen's home, an aural exploration of a place as well as a representation of space in sound. The accompanying photography and text help to make this aesthetically-pleasing collection even more personal, and help orient the pianist in the world of Eusa, while the field recordings that have been linked to will let the listener experience the natural sounds of the island. The inspiration for Eusa reportedly came from an unnerving experience Tiersen had while cycling on holiday, which led him to want to discover more about his own place in the world, and in the process, to find out more about who he is.' Bevat de volgende stukken: Enez Nein - Kadoran - Kereon - Lok Gweltaz - Penn Ar Lann - Penn Ar Roc'h - Pern - Porz Goret - Roc'h Ar Vugale - Yuzin.


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