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Agay, Denes (arr.)

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Agay, Denes (arr.) - The joy of first-year piano : a method and repertory for the beginning pianist : with demonstration tracks on the included audio CD



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Yorktown Music Press



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80 blz., inclusief CD met demonstratietracks


Uitgeversinformatie: Part of the constantly growing, world-famous Joy Of... series, The Joy Of First-Year Piano is a method with repertory for the beginning pianist by renowned teacher, arranger and musicologist, Denes Agay. <br /> <br /> This CD edition includes newly-recorded, high-quality performances of the music to be found in the book. These tracks demonstrate how the pieces should sound and, in some cases, provide a piano part with which the student can play along. <br /> <br /> Under the editorial guidance established by Denes Agay, The Joy Of... series covers a wide variety of musical genres including the classics, folk, jazz, blues, ragtime and children’s music. <br /> <br /> Students and teachers all over the world have welcomed books for their imaginative choice of material, consistent settings and accessible, large-format style. New titles are constantly being added to an already extensive range, ensuring that the series continues as a vital growing treasury of the world’s best music. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />


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